20+ Players from abroad have found new professional club in Cyprus

Clubs and Partners that trust our service

And many more from academies, semi-pro and professional for both genders

How does it work with us?

2. We create players digital profile with data and video analysis.


1. We analyse players 1-5 recent matches

2. We create players digital profile with data and video analysis.

3. We promote players with the best data and video analysis to scouts and agents while other will have to go back and improve their performance.

We provide clarity & certainty of how good a player is.

We simplified the data with info-graphic, heat map and provided a tool to filter specific action to help players know what is working, where to optimize and what level they're going to be competitive.

100% Transparency

For every data we tag, there’s a video replay for you to reflect.

Share feedback of specific action to the player

Save hours of 1-2-1 feedback with just few clicks. The player will be able to review the video and read your feedback.

Scouts & Agents can filter with data and bio to find the next unknown top talent

Based on your filter option, the players are ranked from top to bottom by stats.


Compare player A vs player B

We can compare the players to make better decision with data, heat map, goal post and video replay of every action.

1,196+ players analysed

109+ clubs analysed from
academies, non-league
and professional levels

All around 35+ countries

20+ players have moved to Cyprus for a pro club in division 3 (this data excludes any other success that players may have used their data to find a new club with scouts/agents).



Football Players:

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