Beat the Odds

Make the impossible, POSSIBLE

We analyse matches to help players and coaches improve their performance and get scouted online


Every day, we fight to beat the odds and make the impossible, possible

We want to showcase football players and coaches from around the World and give them the strongest chance possible to make it big


We focus on the 80/20 principle by providing a dedicated analyst to work by your side as an assistant for pre and post-match.

One single performance platform, that allows footballers and clubs to effectively monitor their performance.

Allowing them to use advanced statistical data in order to deliver enhanced training and mentoring

Comprehensive suite of performance analytics

Our advanced desktop and mobile application is designed with clarity in mind and has three core features

  • Match Fixtures

    Get players to confirm yes or no if they will attend the next match

  • Post Match Analysis

    All players and coaches can review their stats from the app

  • Player / Coach Profiles

    Scout new talent from anywhere in the World

About Us

We're a sports technology company

We provide a platform that analysis individual and team performance for football organisations who video records their matches.

You’ve heard of Opta right? We can get similar results by doing
post-match analysis. No expensive equipment or devices are required,
simply upload the video to YouTube, share the URL with
us and get the players and coaches to create their profiles on our platform.

"We believe every football player and coaches should be able to measure their performance at any time, using a single application"

Client Feedback

    • Christiano NetoCaptainLondon Tigers FC
    • "It took some time to understand it as I’m new to the concept of stats analysis however, now me and my team mates don’t need to assume who played well, who made the errors as now we can look back and see all successful and failed action, along with the video replay to make improvement."

    • Yuness En-nouriAttacking Mid-field PlayerLondon Tigers FC
    • "Usually it’s hard to tell if I’m really improving as I will normally record if I had an assist or scored a goal but now with Scout Me Online service, I just noticed that in the last 5 matches, I’ve made 11 attempts to dribble with 45% success and only 1 shot attempt at 100% success on target. I now know I need to practice my dribbling and attempt to shoot more frequently in a match."

    • Adam SmithCentral Defence PlayerLondon Tigers FC
    • "I know that I’m not the most gifted player with technical ability but looking at my stats for my profile, I’m impressed to see that my defensive attributes are above 90% completion and my passing completion is 86% in the last 5 matches."

    • Leandro AlvesCoachLondon Tigers U21 FC
    • "I appreciate what Kyam has done to support me with the player’s development and to help me look at my reflection of the team performance. A lot of the time we assume and guess but with the stats, it has helped me to see from a different angle on what is consistent and where should my attention be for the next training plan."

    • Zahid NamigulCaptainLondon Tigers U21 FC
    • "I really like the stats analysis because my coach won’t always have the time to give me a 1-2-1 feedback after every match so with this service, all of us can see the individual and team performance. I was able to identify one of my errors and show to my coach with the video replay and from that moment, he was able to mentor me for future performance."

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