Within 30 minutes of online training, you can become like Andreas and Dimo who went from freelancing to working with professional football clubs.

Andreas used the software to help APEA FC from Cyprus to improve players and team performance which resulted the club to get promoted to 3rd division in May 2022.

Here's a video where the Coach explains how Andreas helped him with some key decisions. This video was recorded just few months before they had won their league.

It's only £10 per month subscription plan to get access to our software to start your career now!


Clients that trust all analysts who used our software to analyse their games

And many more from academies, semi-pro and professional for both genders

How does it work?

Clients need to upload their full match videos on YouTube and share the URL to you.
Clients need to share the line up info if it's the full team or just the 1 single player. Please note: Players need to create profile account to tag them
You can start tagging players and coding data with our software.

If you've tagged and coded all data correctly, your work will present like this.

We simplified the data with info-graphic, heat map, and provided a tool to filter specific data, action, location of the field to help players and coaches know what works precisely.

Making the right decision in the right moment matters!

Our data ranks players in performance wise to know who’s the best executer for specific actions in specific areas on the field.

100% Transparency

For every data you had tagged, there's a video replay for you and your client to reflect on individual and team performance.

Share feedback of specific action to the player

Save hours of 1-2-1 feedback with just few clicks. The player will be able to review the video and read your feedback.

No matter how hard you work, in life you need the right circle of friends and associates to connect the dots to your goals so why not join our weekly and monthly meetings on Zoom.

  • Discussion on top talents
  • Promoting players to agents/scouts
  • Finding potential clients
  • Upgrading skills and network
  • Become Scout Analyst

To get started, join our platform now to upgrade your career fast!

Once you have registered, and made your payment, visit this page below to find event which is suitable for you to get your training. Currently the course is only £99 (Usual price is £199) which this would you be your advantage to get started now.


Analyst Training Events

Currently there are no upcoming events. For more information, please email us admin@scoutmeonline.com