About Us

We're a team of football enthusiasts who once had a dream of becoming a professional football player but sadly failed. We're now using our skills, experience, and specialist knowledge within performance analysis, coaching, scouting, and technology to build a platform that provides tools for players to get scouted faster online.

Our objective is to provide simple, clear, and meaningful data that gives us certainty about player's performance on how good they are so scouts and agents can make better decision for recruitment.

Our purpose

Service circle

Our mission to solve where football players feel the same problem we had: Forget hoping for a scout to find you on the pitch!

How we work? Upload your full match videos on YouTube so we can analyse your game with up to 542 points of data to identify how good you are.

Thin line to achieving our main goal: Get scouted faster online with us right now.

We’re hitting 6 problems with 1 stone!

  • A lot of talented players are not being spotted and some can't afford to attend trials

  • Scouts have limited money and time to travel widely and maximise game attendance to find fresh talent

  • Players drop out from football (75% at age between 13 and 16, and 76% for age up to 21) with limited options to find a new club

  • No unified source to review and follow-up all released players - where do you find the next James Vardy?

  • Opportunities to promote yourself to higher divisions or overseas are disjointed or require insider connections

  • Clubs from lower divisions can’t progress up the table as clubs with greater resources can both attract and invest to find new talent

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    Without high morale, we won't succeed and this is the key to our success

  • Passionate

    If we don't love what we're doing, then we will lose integrity and success

  • Best of the best

    Being the best is all that matters otherwise we won't let you invest in us

  • Win Win solution

    If you don't win, we don't win. Your success is important to us