Common beliefs from a player's perspective in becoming a pro

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Thanks for joining Scout Me Online. It means a lot and gives us courage and belief in what we're doing.


Just a reminder why we're in business, "We believe in all non-professional athletes, who are focused, driven, fighter, dreamer, looks to improve and wants to bounce up to a premier league level, that they should express themselves and get scouted at a click of a button."

I want to write this blog regarding players common perspective about becoming a pro and scouts because I get a lot of messages on LinkedIn and my team is receiving emails and messages from players who are begging for an opportunity. First I want to praise the desire, hunger, and ambition from those players which are the reasons why they act on writing messages and email for an opportunity but what frustrates me is that the common players that do ask, are not acting on their dream now before even asking for an opportunity.


For example, the common players who want the opportunity to be at a professional club now, they're not training as hard as they would, not discipline and consistent, but they say they just need this one chance and then they will form those habits of training every day, being disciplined and consistent.


There is a saying "Opportunities doesn't come to you, you have to smash your way to create your own opportunity!"

Those who already applying those habits are probably the ones who are improving daily and have formed better abilities in terms of skills, game knowledge and continue to finding ways to improve until someone can see their abilities on the pitch. It's those players who get the attention because they have worked on perfecting the skills, and dealing with the different situation of the game.

I understand that not many of us have resources, connection, a friend to train with or even a team to train with but when you want something so badly and committed, you will find a way and make it happen. I was one of those who made those silly mistakes. For example, I wasn't getting picked by this new coach because I was an establish player for few seasons with the previous coach but I knew he was being biased to the new players as he had brought them into the club. Instead of making excuses that he favors those players because he knows them, I should've left to go find a new club but I made excuses that other clubs were too far. Because I was being optimistic that the coach will give me my chance, but as time went by, I lost 2 seasons not playing frequently and that meant I lost the time in developing!

Overall, my time was running out and at age 24 I decided to go Singapore and failed to find clubs, and from that moment, Scout Me Online was an idea that I wished was available to connect with scouts, agents, coaches clubs from other parts of the world and show my abilities.

Another thing to think about, scouts have objectives for the club manager so he needs to find players for a specific position and they need to be exceptionally better than current players because why would they give you the chance when their current players who are skillful, better background in terms of pedigree (professional development from coaches and experience) and they have similar desire, hunger, and ambition?

You need to understand the scout's job is under pressure which if they misjudge a player, they lose their reputation and potentially get sacked. At the same time, they're investing their own time and money and it's very competitive so you as a player need to be exceptionally well.


Some players may ask, so how can they get recognised if it's competitive and what is the point of Scout Me Online even existing?


First, you have to build yourself to be exceptional, so you have to invest in the time and work on you to outshine everyone if you want it that badly.

Secondly, the chance of players being recognised is very rare unless you're already on a platform where you compete against pro clubs or in a better league, established club and stadium, then the chances increase. Hence why Scout Me Online gives more exposure to the right audience with few clicks on the internet.


Thirdly, we're improving and we know what we need to do to help build a platform for you to promote your videos, compare your performance so you can analyse and improve and that way scouts can see your progression. We're looking to achieve our mission as we really believe there are many talents out there who deserve to be playing at the top end of the football pyramid.

If you liked this blog, please help us to share this to other players so they can educate themselves.

Many thanks


Kyam (Abdul Quiyum)



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