We have a premier league scout who joined the platform

On Saturday 15th April, we were invited to be part of this business trip and have met few premier league scouts. One of them joined our platform who scouts for Stoke City FC.

As you may know, we have been approached by FourFourTwo, Match of the day and now we're being approached by scout's companies and connecting with the right people.

What does that mean?

As you're using the platform, you will find many people are joining but in order for this platform to work, it need to benefit both way. For example:

  • players want quality and reliable scouts
  • however, scouts want quality videos and players profile info

If you don't know, scouts will only use the paltform once and if there's no interest from their first experience, it's very likely that these scouts won't use the platform again.


This means we need to improve for both side, we must instruct football players what sort of videos and info do they need to provide on the platform so scouts will be able to see. We recently got feedback from scouts and realised that they want video for the full 90 minutes.

We have one of the director of the scout company who gave us some feedback which we're going to take on board and look to execute some few features to make it work for them. 


Stay positive, train hard, and keep believing in your ability and improve your game. We will improve the platform to increase your chance.




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