About Us

We're a team of geeks and football enthusiast who failed to become professional football players. During our football career, we would be dreaming and hoping to get recognised which has led us to create a solution on what if there was something to help us get noticed or to bridge the gap from being rejected to find new opportunities to play professionally anywhere around the world.

Our Mission: "Scout Me Online will be the best platform for athletes to get scouted on the cloud at a click of a button."

The platform and service are currently in its infancy and open to improvement, as part of our ongoing development we welcome feedback with regards to how we can innovate, improve the platform and service tailored to its user's requirements.

Current problems we're solving

  • A lot of talented players are not being spotted and some can't afford to attend trials

  • Scouts have limited money and time to travel widely and maximise game attendance to find fresh talent

  • Players drop out from football (75% at age between 13 and 16, and 76% for age up to 21) with limited options to find a new club

  • No unified source to review and follow-up all released players - where do you find the next James Vardy?

  • Opportunities to promote yourself to higher divisions or overseas are disjointed or require insider connections

  • Clubs from lower divisions can’t progress up the table as clubs with greater resources can both attract and invest to find new talent

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    Without high morale, we won't succeed and this is the key to our success

  • Passionate

    If we don't love what we're doing, then we will lose integrity and success

  • Best of the best

    Being the best is all that matters otherwise we won't let you invest in us

  • Win Win solution

    If you don't win, we don't win. Your success is important to us

Message from the CEO & Founder

Kyam (Abdul Quiyum)

CEO & Founder of Scout Me Online

Thank you for taking your time to read this message in which I will try and highlight what inspired me to build this platform and service. I hope you’re a member, if not I look forward to having you on our platform.

My dream was to be a football player. At the beginning of my career I was technically poor on the ball but I persisted to work hard. In my early 20’s I was progressing and learning fast however I realised time was against me and thus at age 24 I decided to go abroad for better opportunies, the move was to a premier division in Asia so that I could gain a pro contract. Unfortunately I found many obstacles and made so many excuses like hoping and waiting for something to be available for easy access or to find the right people, which in the end I gave up.

Now my dream is to build this platform that I wished it had been available when I was young. I hope this is something you will all take advantage of and I want you all to succeed to either find a new club, progress to a better level, or overcome your challenges. As for the scouts, agents and coaches, I’ve taken some advice and did a survey to design this platform; therefore I hope this service will benefit you all. To all members, please help us with your feedback or any suggestion to make your life easy so we can adjust and improve our platform to make it better for you.

Thank You and I wish you all the best!