How to record your videos?

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    We recently spoken to scouts and agents which gave us some feedback on what would help them to make better decision when scouting a football player.

    Most of the scouts agree that a player can be scouted online whereas the few who disagreed, they did say the video can help them identify a talent but they will need to go attend the matches to see you off the field. This is because they need to see your body language before the match and after the match and how you move, think and communicate off the ball.

    Other than videos, there other factors that can contribute for scouts to make better decisions in scouting but we would like to keep this blog simple and update step by step.

    For now:

    • Get your match recorded for full 90 minutes with the angle shown in the image below. You don't need to be high above the pitch but must be slight higher than player's height to get the full pitch and be able to show all players with one screenshot. Reason because, a centre back might be the talent that the scout is watching however, if the ball is on the opposite penalty box, it's very rare you will see what the centre back is doing off the ball which is crucial.
    • Anyone can look good when having the ball or in action to defend but most of the time when a player isn't involved on the ball through the full 90 minute match, they get to see personality, mentality, character, decision making, communication, manageing and working with the team to stay discipline with the formation and strategy.
    • The scouts also recommended to have a short compilation that is linked to the full match so it can appeal to them before committing to watching a full match.
    • No one wants to waste 90 minute of their time so that short compilation should be maximum 2 mins and show best moments.


    Please see the image below of how a match should be recorded and start uploading them to get the scouts working and scouting you!

    Please feel free to comment and ask any questions.

    All the best!


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